Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Network Marketing: Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Commitments

Success will depend on your commitment to the business. The more serious and committed you are, the more success you will achieve. Commitments will take various forms:

1. Money

You will have to invest some money for the following:
-products for personal use
-products for stock
-materials including tapes, videos, CDs, books, stationeries, etc
-getting started tools and materials.
-travelling expenses.
-attending seminars, workshops, rallies,etc.

The amount required will depend on your financial standing.

2. Time

You need to invest at least seven hours a week to building your business if you desire to have success. This few hours a week that you put in will help develop a “pipeline” for you in order to provide you with permanent and passive income. For those who wish to move at a faster pace, you will need to put in more hours. This is only at the initial stage and once your “pipeline” starts growing you can reduce
the amount of time required.

It will be useful for you to fill in the commitment form below as a contract with your own self.


I, ………………………………………., make the following commitments to myself in order to build a successful Network Marketing organization and a secure future.
I will:

(a) devote at least 7 to 10 hours a week to my business,
(b) spend daily self-development time,
(c) keep my mind away from negative thoughts and influences,
(d) look upon my first 6 months as a learning experience.

I will build my business for at least one year, and then I will evaluate it accordingly. I recognise that the people I sponsor are my responsibility. My first responsibility is to become successful myself, and then duplicate this with my
people. I will faithfully follow the system and my leaders so that my efforts can be duplicated.

_________________________ ___________________

_________________________ ___________________
Witnessed by

Make a copy of this page and give it to your sponsor or active upline.

3. Sacrifices

To be successful you will need to give up activities that you enjoy. You will need to spend your free time on initial stages of your business. You have to reduce the time spent on watching TV, playing golf, fishing, or other outdoor activities. You may even have to spend less time with your family, at least in the beginning stages of the business.
But let me assure you that you will have more time to do what you enjoy in the near future when you achieve success.
It has been said that, “Success is built upon inconvenience. It is however, convenient to stay broke the rest of your life if you chose to be convenient.”

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lesson 1: The benefits of Network Marketing and Choosing the Right company

Benefits of Network Marketing
Before you even consider getting involved with Network Marketing, you should be aware of the benefits of getting involved with the Network Marketing industry. Network Marketing is taking the world by storm and is providing hope for people around the world. In Malaysia, Network Marketing was introduced as early as 1970's.

Network marketing enjoys a very large degree of success due to the excellent benefits offered as compared to conventional business. The various benefits can be summarised as follows:

1. Low Capital Investment and set up cost.

2. Risk free.

3. No qualification and experience necessary.

4. A good source of Multiple Sources of Income since it can be done on a part time basis.

5. Excellent support system to assist you. These are provided by the company and the upline organisation.

6. Unlimited income potential.

7. Generate Passive Income. After building a successful network the business continues into the future without your presence. The income will continue and can be inherited to your spouse and children.

8. There are opportunities to travel because most of the network marketing companies offer incentive trips to successful distributors.

9. There are plenty of recognitions in the network marketing industry. You will be honoured and recognised for your achievements.

10. There are plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. You will be exposed to lots of training and motivation programmes. You will have a chance to develop your character and become a good leader.

11. For those who like to help others, this is a good opportunity to help people realise their dreams. This is a business of giving hope to people. Teach Others to Teach Others to Teach Others.

12. The business is fun to build since it is a peoples’ business. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world.

Choice of Companies
There are literally thousands of network marketing companies around and each one of them claiming to be better than the other. It is crucial to select a sound company to work with because your decision is for the long term and once you start building it, it will be frustrating and even
disastrous to find out later that the company has closed down, change its compensation plans or is a pyramid scam.

In the world of business, Networking has a fair ranking of Millionaires and Billionaires (Forbes Magazines).

The following criteria will be helpful in assisting you to make a wise decision:

1. The background of the company and its track records.

It is wise to select a company that has a successful track record of at least 5 years. Check out on the paid-up capital, cash flows and profitability of the company. The reason being most networking marketing companies, do not last more than 5 years. This does not mean that new companies are not good. You will have to do some extra fact finding about the company... Go around and ask. Especially if any company that wavers or has nothing concrete in its rules and regulation......Give it a pass...

2. The Management of the company

It is important to check out the credibility of the management of the company. Is the management experienced in the business of network marketing? Is network marketing the principal business activity of the company? Is the company involved in other unrelated business operations? It is wise
to choose a company that has an experienced management team that is focused only on the business of network marketing. Refer to 1.

3. The Products and Services offered

This is the core of the business. The following considerations should be taken into account:
-variety of products and services
-consumable products that are needed everyday
-the effectiveness and quality of the products and services
-money back guarantees (AMWAY been practising since it's inception)
-source of the products and services
-constant supply
-products that are safe to use and are environment friendly
-competitive prices
-after sales service

4. The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan should be generous and fair to everyone. It should reward distributors based on the effort put in and not on other criteria. It should be a working plan and not a quick get rich scheme. Refer to 1.

5. Support

The company should have proper support in terms of training and motivation. This includes training courses, seminars, workshops, materials like audio visual, etc. There must be proper infrastructure set up to aid the supply and delivery of products and services. There must be warehouses or collection centers set up to assist the supply of products and services. The availability of genealogy reports,
commission and bonus reports are also important. Refer to 1.

6. International

Is the company operating overseas, and is it possible for distributors to expand their business worldwide? For those who are planning to build a big and global business, this is a very important factor to consider. With the Internet, it is now possible to conduct a global business with ease.

7. Legality

Is the company properly registered with the relevant authorities? Does the company have a valid direct selling license and do they follow the rules and regulations of the countries they are operating in? Are they registered with the Direct Selling Associations of the various countries they are operating in? These are important factors to consider because it will determine whether the company will
continue operation in the long run.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giving A Child Purpose

Everybody needs a direction in life, a map that he/she can see clearly where he/she is and where are different possibilities and different destinations. Providing them with a map generates seeking curiosity in children and makes them look around and think. There are different things, they want to experience and touch them, feel and experience them first hand. The children's curiosity has no end.

It is widespread and not controlled or managed at the beginning. This curiosity will remain widespread until the child finds the direction. The direction is found when there is a great and attractive reward somewhere that the child can think about, can get more excited about and becomes enthusiastic in following it.

The reward must be so greatly appealing that the children must feel excited and happy from the first step they take towards going and getting it. This is how you can generate an appealing and attractive purpose for the children. Children get fascinated to different things. They get attracted to a lot of people, to a lot of issues and a lot of products. Also they get attracted to attractive feelings and images in their minds.

If the child feels that when he/she achieves the purpose he/she will get the reward that he/she loved, he/she will get a great and appealing picture which generates fine and good feelings. Great feelings and an attractive image of a goal will keep the child focused in one direction while moving towards one great and specific purpose.

When a child looks at the world, when he/she walks in streets and when he/she walks with his/her friends and when he/she stays in schools their minds are easily interacting with everything they experience. All of these things affect them. The affects may force the children to change their direction. And there are so many different good and attractive things in this world that may make focusing on one purpose extremely difficult. Children want to have a lot of choices and limiting their choices is not an easy thing to do.

When a child focuses on one choice, obviously he/she removes other choices from his/her life and he/she does not feel good about that. The children want to have all of these things together one after another. The attraction does not last for a long time but it is very strong and demanding. Once a child experienced that thing, that will be enough for him and he wants to move to another thing. If you give a child hundreds of dolls he would want all of them because every one of them will give him one particular good feeling. He/she wants all these good feelings.

The important thing is to think that the child wants dolls for getting specific feelings. They want diverse feelings, not one. And the children do not focus on one kind of feeling. They love to have numerous good and great and positive feelings and therefore, they want numerous things in their lives and therefore they continue to have different choices. Instead of focusing on one thing they wish to go for far more. They want to think bigger and want more things than one.

But the secret of success is to focus on one or few things only. Having a lot of things generates a lot of good feelings but none of these feelings will end into bringing something that the person wants for a long time. Everything that a child wants must give her a kind of good feeling. The children are not interested in things if those things do not give them good feelings. As the children are all emotions, they focus on those things that trigger good emotions.

To talk about a purpose for your children does not end in changing the children's desire for having a lot of things. The secret is to find a purpose that gives them more good feelings than anything else. A purpose that has more pleasant ingredients is more acceptable. A great purpose must have a wide range of different things in it to accommodate different needs of children.

The reason that the parents usually fail to give the children a purpose or persuade them to focus on one thing is because the children want far more than what the parents think or far more than the teachers and coaches can think of. While the teachers and trainers of children want them to focus on one particular subject, they do not understand that the children love to have good feelings about a subject and what the subject can do for them. Every child that has done very well in one subject has drawn from the subject a lot of pleasures and good feelings. The children are not interested in any subject.

The children are interested in the good feelings that are taken from any subject that they want to learn. It is the reward that the children get from studying the subject that fascinates them. If the teachers portray the subject in a way that brings immense pleasures and good feelings in the lives of the children, they will go for them. If the subject is free from pleasures and good feelings, the children naturally are not inclined in doing it.

When we think of children we have to think of what can give them pleasures and good feeling. If you can find them one thing or only few things that give the children most pleasures and most good feelings then you have to associate that thing with the purpose you set for them. The purpose does not have any value for anybody if it does not bring pleasure and good feelings.

The purpose therefore must be investigated to clarify how much good feelings and pleasures it can bring to the child now and in future. The more good feelings and more pleasures the purpose can bring to children, the more appealing that will become for the child.

Parenting and Coaching Children and Students

In our visits, conducting programmes to school; by encroaching the parents, it's good to know some pointers.

If you want to know how a child is to know his/her emotions.

Children are all emotions. The children do not think, THEY FEEL. It takes a long time before children learn the art of thinking. Their experiences with the world begin with feeling the world starting with their mothers and the family members. How a child feels her mother and other members of the family during a long period of time, maybe the model for feeling in the world generally. The reason that the children begin taking actions directly and begin touching everything is because they want to feel them. Feeling becomes the first stage for their thinking. They feel first, they enjoy or suffer from the consequences and then they learn to think before doing something because of the consequences that they have experienced.

Experiencing world first-hand is what prepares the children for understanding the world; thinking about different things that they want to do come later. When you ask an adult to think before taking any action, it means that adults live in the childhood mentality format which is doing things instantly by instincts rather than by calculation. The adults may calculate before doing something; the children feel instinctively to do things until they learn to think, to hesitate.

There is no any kind of logic and rationale in their behaviours. You cannot convince them rationally and logically. You cannot talk to them according to the reason. Reasoning is not just within their level of age. We are amazed at the kind of things that the children scream about. We as adults are engaged in many serious daily things and when a child began screaming about a minor event, we get very upset and just cannot believe it. The reason is we expect logic in their behaviours. We expect from them to understand those fields of life that we live in as adults.

Just their world is not our world at all and their world is very much different from our world. We will never be able to understand their world fully and completely. Because their world is made up of their instincts and emotions and emotions and instincts only bring happiness or frustration. If things go their way they become happy and if things do not go their way they become frustrated. That is the reason that there are so many frustrations in the behaviours of the children.

We do not take seriously their frustrations as we think from our point of view. What is not important for adults is a matter of great significance for the children. If there are two children and one of them play more than the other one on a game, for us it is a minor incident but for the children it is of great importance. These are minor incidents that build up the character and personality of the child which shape his future.

These are the small things that build gradually the life of each child. The absolute majority of these incidents are so minor in our point of view that we do not give them the importance they deserve. What is very important from the point of view of us is not as important in the way they think. This is the first and most important lesson that I have learnt from the lives of my four children and hundreds of other children that have been around me.

As I said before children are all emotions. They live in emotions and sleep in their emotions. When they wake up in the morning they have already been the whole night through their emotions again and have repeated their experiences of the day in their sleeping. They do not live one incident once. They live one incident several times. Depending on how much importance they attach to an incident, they live in it several times as if it is a repeated life.

The children live according to their instincts not according to reason as we expect of them. They consider every restriction and limit an aggressive intrusion into their liberty. Whenever they don't want to hear “NO” and you say “NO” it is as if you hurt them physically. They do not want to hear “no”. Children hate to hear “NO” and love to say “NO”. They want hundred percent of obedience from their parents and everybody around them. And whenever the parents do not obey, they get a sense of rejection.

If you can imagine in your own life how much hurt you have felt when you got rejected, it is the same thing for your child. Whenever they hear "NO", it is a blow to them like the time whenever you say "Yes" to an unreasonable demand. Every time a child hears “no” when she expect yes, it is considered a rejection and may be another blow to her character and personality unless it is said in a very sweet way.

Choose TO Lead

It’s time to CHOOSE consciously
HOW YOU want to lead.

You see, leadership is either by choice or by default. Those who lead by default are letting their natural tendencies – their perceptions, habits, routines and past experiences – create their results and their environment.

Those who lead by choice have a keen level of self-awareness combined with an intent to drive themselves and others to a specific destination. Everyday Leaders, those who lead by choice, don’t react to their environment – instead, their environment, and those in it, adjust to them.

Everyday Leaders know that they, and all others, are significantly greater than what they appear to be. They don’t allow perceptions or judgments about what someone does and says create a finite picture of who that person is. Everyday Leaders know how much deeper, more complex ,and simply “how much more” they – themselves – are, and thus how much more all others are.

Everyday Leaders know what they stand for. They’re aware of their values, their beliefs, and how they have become the person they are today. They exhibit what they hope to see in others. They know that change and results come from first focusing on who you are. And they know they are completely and perfectly unique, and so is everyone else.

So, again, it’s time to CHOOSE consciously HOW YOU want to lead.

As the company offers two income/returns structure. LSB aka Leadership Bonus and FSB aka Fast Start Bonus. There is a vast distinction of one from the other. Varies of approach from one's perception. The formulation was to trigger efforts through rewards (STICK and a CARROT), however from a wider perspective, the question is the landing approach. Selling or Networking.

Both situation requires understanding and dedication to the concept in whole. Failure to garner the idea, one may well be deceit and feeling dissimulated. Thus creates discontent, frustration and ANGERrr.
What’s holding you back from choosing? Why wait? Let me help YOU, decide.....either choice YOU are the MASTER of YOUR own DESTINY.....
Contact 013-484 8071 Mohd Izam

Leadership is INTERACTION

Leadership occurs every time there is “interaction” – someone is going to lead and someone is going to follow. The question isn’t whether or not you’re a leader… it’s how well you lead.

The scope of what “leadership” is and what it really means to “be a leader” are incredibly misunderstood topics in today’s world. For better or worse, when people hear the term leader, they think of iconic or celebrity-like leaders – chief executives of multinational corporations, heads of state, and others who are in

Some individuals look at leadership as something that’s ordained or granted by position or authority – something that someone else does, something external to them. If you share that view, you may have lost sight of the potential greatness that lies within you.

How aware are you of the impact that YOU do have and can have on others?

And, how are YOU using your energy, power and influence in leading others?

In EVERY interaction between people someone is going to lead [and sometimes that’s positive and sometimes it’s not].

It’s time to recognise AND believe that leaders are found in many places other than in the “boardrooms” or in high positions. If you are a sales professional or counselor, you are a leader. If you are a business owner or a receptionist, you are a leader. If you a parent or a teacher, YOU MOST CERTAINLY ARE A LEADER!

These are the Everyday Leaders – whether they recognise it or not. When awakened, Everyday Leaders can have enormous impact on those around them. They see the millions of chances that come along every day to make a better connection, to make a difference, to empower, to enliven, to use their passion. They see the millions of opportunities to shine and to help others find their own greatness.

Everyday Leaders see what so many others don’t. They capitalise on these opportunities and create even more without trying, while others wait for their time to come along – not realizing it’s been there, every day, at every moment.

On the same note; as we uncover on SCORE A programme. Let the truth behold, there are Leaders blinded and holding on their seats, so immensely that they are unwilling to change or accept the the bigger picture of the business prospects.

These may well create much discord with others whom are serious in their manner and delve of the whole scenario. Much to my annoyance, the principles nor the foundation, is so vane. There is much preferences accorded to one and not the other.

SCORE A programme is a vehicle to such "education excellence". Thus the question here is "Who is LEADING whom?"

Monday, January 12, 2009

SCORE A Programme

What is it all about?

It is an alternative learning (interactive and comprehensive) module via technology. Apparently it is complementary and proven to enhance the learning skills of any student.

We realise, for a fact education in Malaysia is "exam oriented". Likewise, parents, teachers and student, obviously throwing themselves towards "exam excellence".

Utilisation of the programme, will further enhanced the student academically, by honing the skills of understanding, interpreting examinations and questions. It further advance with the experience of examinations (UPSR, PMR and SPM) which is being encompasses in the programme.

Input learning (in school)+ Output learning (via internet; at school lab, home or anywhere, anytime) = SCORE straights A's

Call for a One 2 One or Public session.