Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It’s time to CHOOSE consciously
HOW YOU want to lead.

You see, leadership is either by choice or by default. Those who lead by default are letting their natural tendencies – their perceptions, habits, routines and past experiences – create their results and their environment.

Those who lead by choice have a keen level of self-awareness combined with an intent to drive themselves and others to a specific destination. Everyday Leaders, those who lead by choice, don’t react to their environment – instead, their environment, and those in it, adjust to them.

Everyday Leaders know that they, and all others, are significantly greater than what they appear to be. They don’t allow perceptions or judgments about what someone does and says create a finite picture of who that person is. Everyday Leaders know how much deeper, more complex ,and simply “how much more” they – themselves – are, and thus how much more all others are.

Everyday Leaders know what they stand for. They’re aware of their values, their beliefs, and how they have become the person they are today. They exhibit what they hope to see in others. They know that change and results come from first focusing on who you are. And they know they are completely and perfectly unique, and so is everyone else.

So, again, it’s time to CHOOSE consciously HOW YOU want to lead.

What’s holding you back from choosing? Why wait? Let me help YOU, decide.....either choice YOU are the MASTER of YOUR own DESTINY.....

Saturday, December 5, 2009


In pursuing academic excellence, most of us parents, fail to realise the active role in our childs' education. Education is an involvement of tripartite; Parents, School/Teacher and the Student. There are beckoning issues that requires our utmost attention...and the solution...an EFFECTIVE system.

Di dalam mengejar kecemerlangan dalan bidang akademik. Ramai Ibubapa gagal memainkan peranan secara berkesan. Pembelajaran memerlukan penglibatan 3 pihak; Ibubapa, pihak Sekolah/Guru dan Pelajar itu sendiri. Di zaman teknologi dan informasi terkini, beberapa perkara yang memerlukan keperihatinan dan kefahaman di dalam menangani permasalahan itu.....dan ia berupa SISTEM PEMBELAJARAN yang EFEKTIF.